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Can I cancel at any time? Do I own my web site?

You own your web site files and domain name (ex: yourcompanyname.com) from day 1 and can transfer it at any time.

How much is the monthly maintenance? What do I get?

The monthly package is $19.95 and includes website hosting & maintenance, email hosting, annual domain registration/renewal, SSL certificate, and 1-hours worth of website updates and changes at your request.

Do I have to host my site with you?

You do not have to host with us, but you have to host it somewhere. The pricing on this promotional offer is yours regardless of which monthly option you choose.  If you were not using our maintenance service, you would still have to choose a provider to host the website or use your existing service. 

*Feel free to reach out for clarification

What if I already have a domain name / web address ?

It’s a common misconception that if you already have a domain or a website you are stuck with your current provider. This couldn’t be further from the truth. If you have an existing website through another provider you will keep the same exact website address. For example: www.yourbusiness.com.

When it comes time to set your site live our technical team will handle everything - you may just need to give approval to your current provider to grant us access.

Do I need to use Fix Our Sites email? What if I like my own?

You do not have to use our email service, but you definitely want to use professional email accounts. Many of our clients already have email through services like Office 365 or Google Apps and wish to keep them in the current environment.

Do you have your own servers? Do you back up your sites?

We do not have our own servers on-site. We partner with top-tier hosting providers and have dedicated servers hosted in tier 3 data centers featuring solid-state hard drives, multiple redundancies, ultra-fast website speeds, 24/7/365 monitoring, and nightly backups.

How are you different from Godaddy, Wix, 1&1...etc.?

Go Daddy is primarily a domain registrar and hosting company that offers some do-it-yourself website services. Wix is a bit more expensive and provides more advanced template builders for DIY sites. Fix Our Site is a full service digital marketing company. A team of professionals builds a customized WordPress website, with copywriting, photography, SEO, hosting, maintenance, and SSL all included as standard services.

An analogy would be: DIY websites are like Home Depot - they provide some of the raw materials but you still need someone who knows what they are doing. Fix Our Site is like the design-build firm that designs the concept and completes the build with a team of professionals… and sticks around after the fact to keep things updated and running properly.

Professionalism: with a template you are replacing one-size fits all placeholder content and are restricted by the confines of the template. Many times these DIY sites are described as ‘cookie cutter.’ With Fix Our Site,  you will have a professional WordPress website - it will stand out from competitors and be on par with industry leaders.

SEO: This is purely a matter of expertise. It’s not that you can’t get a template builder site to rank, it’s just that unless you really know what you’re doing you probably won‘t. With Fix Our Site you have experts, up-to-date on industry standards and best practices performing custom optimization to your site.

The Team: with Fix Our Site, there will inevitably be things you want to do that can’t be done or figured out. Instead of having a team of experts to solve the problem, you’re left either not being able to do it or not being able to figure out how to do it.

Actual cost: many of these website builders offer ‘free’ websites but of course there’s no such thing as a free lunch so as you add very basic features you end up paying more and more.

Bottom line: There’s a reason successful businesses invest in professionally developed websites. A DIY site may be a good starting point but you will probably end up with something that takes significantly more effort to build than you originally estimated, does not look as nice as you’d like, is not properly SEO optimized and cost more than you anticipated.

What is the difference between WordPress and a DIY template builder from Godaddy, Yellowbook, Web.com...etc?

WordPress is a tool for managing custom websites. Template builders are pre-fabricated websites that require you to fill content into a pre-designed template that can only be hosted and maintained by the original provider (Go Daddy, Wix, etc..)

WordPress is the most widely used CMS on the planet with a market share of 60.6%. No other CMS captures even 1% - Weebly is 0.4%, Wix is 0.3% and GoDaddy is 0.2%.

Template builders have one advantage: a lower initial investment. Template builders do provide a low-cost way to create a website and they can be a good solution for a small business that is just getting off the ground with more time than money. But keep in mind - the free basic plans come with ads and many basic necessities are sold as ‘add-ons’ so the site usually ends up costing more than advertised.

The major downsides are:

    • You don’t own your website - you are renting it. You can’t transfer the site, and the provider can raise prices, change features, etc… and you’re stuck in their environment unless you want to start from scratch.
    • Time Investment: 98% of DIY websites never go live. Why? Because template builders can be overwhelming to work with - there is a definite learning curve, so a task that was anticipated to take an afternoon ends up stretching out indefinitely and never gets completed.
    • Design Limitations: Your design is limited to the layout of the template. You are forced to fit your logo, content, pictures, etc… into predefined spaces. This one-size-fits-all approach usually results in websites that look clunky or ‘cookie cutter.’
    • Features: With a template builder you are in a proprietary system or a closed network that is limited to the features the template builder has developed. Whereas WordPress is open source with a massive community that constantly improves and adds to the functionality of WordPress. It’s why WordPress is the biggest and best CMS. As it stands there are currently over 45,000 WordPress plugins - no template builder comes close to even 0.01% of that.

In short, with WordPress, you benefit from 10’s of thousands of developers who are improving tools for SEO, creating new applications, boosting security, identifying bugs, and improving functionality. With a template builder, you are limited to what the development team at one company came up with and what they will come up with and support in the future.

What kind of SEO is included?
  • Comprehensive on-site SEO is included with that standard package. This includes optimized title, description and header tags, keyword-rich copy development, optimized url extensions, 301 redirects, linking strategies as well as other methods.

    Fix Our Site also offers a full suite of digital marketing services beyond the standard package. Let a consultant know if you would like information about these additional services.

Does Fix Our Site provide photos if I don't have many?

We have access to a library of 60 million high-quality stock images. Stock images are included with the website package.

Will a redesign cause me to lose SEO position?

The main consideration when having a website redesigned is new URLs. Your existing URLs are already indexed by Google and depending on the age of your website, those URLs may have been indexed for a very long time. To account for this we adhere to Google’s best practices and do what is called ‘301 redirects’ on all of your previous URL’s - the 301 redirect is meant precisely for this situation (you’re not the first business to redesign a website) and communicates to Google (and other search engines) to transfer the ‘link juice’ to your new URL’s.

Search algorithms are constantly evolving and the exact criteria are not published. Anyone guaranteeing anything related to SEO is making promises they may not be able to keep. So, while we cannot guarantee your ranking, you can expect to see your ranking improved or strengthened after the redesign.

Is email included with the monthly cost?

Yes, the monthly package includes 5 premium email accounts. Additional accounts are available for purchase.

Why is Researching Keywords Important?

Google has said for years that the most important single factor to them is high quality content. Now more than ever, they have the ability.

Can I simply design it myself or have my kids do it?
You have to do a cost-benefit analysis and decide for yourself, but here are a few questions to consider:
  • What is the cost of potential clients going to your do-it-yourself website and concluding that you don’t look like a professional company? Or comparing you to a competitor and concluding the competitor looks more competent?
  • How much business will you lose if potential clients perform a search for the services you offer and your website does not show up in the search results?
  • What is the benefit of potential clients ‘Googling’ your company and seeing a super professional website? How many more opportunities will you get to gain new business?
  • EVERYONE performs a Google search before making a purchase. They want to know who they’re dealing with and they may be comparing you to your competitors. If they look your company up and see a super professional website, how much is that worth?
  • Is it worth the relatively small savings and time investment to do it yourself, will you keep it updated? How much do you know about SEO?
There’s so much more that goes into an effective website than choosing a template and filling in your information. When you work with Fix Our Site, you have a team of professionals building your site. An SEO professional optimizes your site for search, a professional writer strategically prepares copy for each page of your site, a professional designer considers your business offerings, your clientele, your logo and style and creates a custom look and feel for your website and then a professional programmer codes a custom WordPress site.To sum it up: you need to know what you’re doing. If you’re running a legitimate business your website is far too important to just ‘wing it.’
Can I make changes myself to the web site?

Yes. Most of our clients send update requests to our support department (typical turnaround is less than 24 hours - most times, the same day) but if you have frequent or small changes you would like to see reflected on the site immediately, you can make those changes yourself.

How long does it take to build a website?

It all depends on you. Our team is super-responsive - if you’re the same way a typical site takes 2-4 weeks depending on revisions. If you’d like to expedite your project we can always do that too - we’ve done sites in 2 days in extreme circumstances.

How big is your operation? Are you in the U.S?

We are a smaller company ourselves with just under 10 employees. We do not outsource anything and like hiring local talent for web design, writing, SEO...etc. We wear multiple hats here and we can always get on the phone to actually explain how something works if you need assistance.

How much is the monthly maintenance? What do I get?

Our most popular option is $39.95 and is more of a full-service approach to managing everything for you. This includes:

  • Website Hosting
  • SSL Certificate
  • Registering Domain Name
  • Annual Renewal of Domain Name
  • (1) Hour of Updates Monthly to the Web Site
  • On-Site SEO Changes

Our other option is for clients that do not make frequent updates, it is more of a "Set it, Forget it" approach and is simply $10 per month for basic website hosting.

How do I send my logo & pictures to you?

Getting us pictures couldn’t be easier. We have a simple uploader that allows you to send us pictures just like you’re putting an attachment on an email.

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